The diorama’s that you see in these galleries are in 28mm scale.  ( 5mm = 1ft.)  So the focus is five times that of the epic scale in our exhibit section.  This is my favourite scale.  In this scale we can really capture the detail.  Not only can we get to see the wood grain in the houses, we can see the jewellery on the people.  We can show the armour, the chain links in the mail coats, the helmet details including even the rivets!

28mm is a teaching scale, in that it allows us to present an incredible amount of three dimensional detail, basically information to be absorbed simply by viewing.  We can combine the two scales together, in a large model epic scale exhibit, with a series of 28mm models supplementing it.  By doing this we can choose any area of the large model that we wish to emphasise as important.  Possibly a scene from a moment of history that we wish to capture.  Telling a story is what these models are all about, both the setting and the plot, the characters and the extra’s.  If we succeed in doing this, then we have achieved our aim.
Please look closely at these pictures, you may find some things you didn’t realise were there!