Design Services

We offer, and have experience in the following services, although we would consider any request no matter how simple and small or large and complicated.  As a miniature artist my primary occupation would be creating historical figurines, mainly in 28mm scale but I have tackled up to 60mm.  So if you want custom made one offs or multiples to populate your exhibit, we can produce characters through to whole armies, civilians and livestock.  We of course also specialise in the creation of miniature historical buildings in the same scale as our figurines. 

We can also produce landscape scenes with or without buildings, to promote your area of interest, we can even produce a three dimensional model of your own cottage and its setting.
We feel confident that no matter what your specifications we can create something that not only matches, but exceeds your expectations.  We can cast in resin, pewter or white metal anything you may have in mind including museum merchandise, painted or unpainted.  Currently we are also researching into the possibility of producing museum quality historical costumes.

So again, we invite you to share your ideas with us.
We look forward to hearing from you.

History Maker