‘A picture paints a thousand Words’

Unfortunately we live in a period of history where the young mind finds it difficult to  hold anything more than a flash card attention span . The ravages of computer games, sound bites and constant over stimulation of the mind  has led to a state of mind where something ‘major’ has to take place every two minutes, otherwise the interest gets lost .

If a picture does indeed paint a thousand words, then a three dimensional model paints far more .
Through reading, information is absorbed, and to varying degrees retained . Those gifted with an academic aptitude have a high level of retention, and by degrees those of a less academic ability hold on to less . The ability to recall to mind is essential in developing ones knowledge base .
Pictures are an essential aspect in the accumulation of knowledge . The written or spoken word  may attempt to describe something, while a picture of that something instantly engages the mind . It imprints far more effectively than attempts to describe  a picture in words . Because of this, many people are able to recall pictures of an event, and describe that event even to the smallest details.
The use of models in education is nothing new, museums have always understood the importance of re-creating the past in picture form, and through  the use of exhibits .
What History maker is exploring is the opportunity of using  authentic and realistic dioramas to teach a lesson . We will recreate in miniature a snapshot of time . This snapshot will contain a massive amount of information .
Historians and archaeologist’s have for centuries been trying to convince the public that what they present to be true is factually based . However due to the ‘gaps’, that inevitably will be found many of their hypothesis are merely personal speculations . Many of these eminent speculations become so universally accepted that they cease to remain theory and imbed themselves as facts ..
The most notorious of these blunders being the  ‘horned Viking helmet’. , which was in reality a Victorian romanticised myth supported by one or two carvings from the vendel period of a Norseman wearing a ceremonial helmet .
Re-enactors and living history groups provide us with an extra dimension in realism, and History Maker  use their up  to date period research and re-creations as the basis for our models .
 Instant and detailed  information can be effortlessly absorbed  through a mere five minutes of just looking at one of our models .
Information on the style and colour of male and female clothing, hairstyles, fashions, footwear . The building types and construction materials, roof tiles, slates thatch etc .
Armour, weapons, tools, domestic animals…even dog breeds . All of these can be observed, absorbed, retained and most importantly recalled  . As a method of teaching it is of the highest effectiveness .
We can offer educational models, in any scale, for any period  in history and from any world culture that you would wish . If you, as a teacher really, want to make  an impression on your students you  will need to impress them . We are looking forward to being part of your endeavour to do just that .