Upgrade Your Old Exhibits With A Model Makeover

If you already have your own model or exhibit we may be able to help.  Maybe it was made some time ago using fairly primitive techniques, or maybe it just didn’t seem to attract any attention because it looked lifeless and boring.  We are offering a unique service that can not only restore your tired, elderly exhibit but actually upgrade it to the standards required by an increasingly discerning public.
Tight budgets and dwindling visitor numbers are a big problem for the heritage sector, so if you cant afford to purchase a brand new exhibit, but really want to add a new refreshing dimension to your tourist offering, please let us know.  If you look carefully at the exhibits section on this site you can see the texture and colour, the detail and the realism.  We can apply those same techniques to your display.  We could do this on site, or if possible, remove it to our premises.  We are entirely confident that whatever we do for you with this service will exceed your expectations, and give many more years of visual  pleasure to your paying customers.
Please feel free to give us a call and see if we can help.