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My Dad intoduced me to the movie when I was about 10 years old and I was smitten immediately! It’s hard to describe just how and why this gentle jaunt of a movie has such an incredible magic and beauty that it continues to win the hearts of successive generations .

My love and devotion to this wonderful classic reached even greater  intensity when I learned that it was filmed in the beautiful Co Mayo and my own family originates not far up the road on the wild , windy and wonderful Island of Achill

Could I offer my humble works as a tribute to the Movie, the cast and the crew and most especially to the marvelous folk of the village of Cong co Mayo. My dearest wish is that  my models enable their owners to experience  just a fraction of the that magic, beauty and joy that is ‘The Quiet Man’

I have worked as a miniaturist artist for over 20 years specialising in historical figurines, buildings and museum models.[ You can see some of my work  here on this site where I was blessed to be chosen to create a series of city models for the new medieval model in waterford. I also worked on a model now on show at the 1798 rebellion centre in Wexford ]

I have two options  of white O Morn Cottage to choose from here. The first is the limited edition collectors  piece with a maximum run of 500 signed and certificated pieces, the second is the momento edition which is priced to be within the reach of every fan. Another reason perhaps to purchase the momento edition is that all the proceeds from the sale of this model go towards the ‘Save a Quiet Man Cottage’, see the link for more details

Before starting sculpting the original model I spent a great amount of time investigationg the available photographic evidence of the actual  White o morn cottage itself . From this I was able to reconstruct in miniature much of the close detail including the most prominent stones in the  cottage wall construction, the thatch detail and undulations above the windows  and the various flowerpots  flagstones details and the wooden side gate through which the tandemned Playfairs came to pay a visit to the newly esconsed Sean Thornton.

A great deal of work and attention to detail goes into the collectors edition from casting it by hand in stone resin, through to hand painting, inking and drybrushing  followed by scenic textural layering [including planting the flowers in the pots with tweezers!! ] I carry out all the work involved personally from start to finish  and each individual model is made to order as such I ask for a minimum of two weeks of your patience prior to despatch.

The  second model is the momento edition.  I wanted to be able to provide the Quiet Man community with a budget version of the above model to serve as a keepsake and a way to memorialise the movie from the mantlepiece. So with that in mind I sculpted a smaller less elaborate model of White o morn cottage so as to be within the price range of all fans. Again each model is hand cast and hand painted inked and dry brushed by myself.

See the ‘Save a Quiet Man Cottage‘,  link!