Heritage Giftware

Museum gift shop experience

A visit to the gift shop is, or should be one of the high spots of any visitor attraction.  In a way it is a celebration of the day, a way to purchase a momento mori of the occasion, for themselves or for an absent  friend or relation, with whom they wish to share the moment with.  Sadly however this can also be the low spot of the visit. What should be an Aladins cave of quality gifts with a direct association with the place itself, is in reality nothing more than a poorly presented bargain basement of cheap imported tat, with hugely inflated prices.  Mostly these items have absolutely nothing in common with the theme of the visit.

History Maker is committed to changing that, we want the heritage tourist to be thoroughly spoiled with a real treat at the end of the day.  Really, we want the museum gift shop to be an attraction in it’s own right.  We want this so that the visitor will remember their day and share that memory with others, who in their turn will want to visit your attraction.

Your story is being told again and again.  We can supply an amazing variety of truly impressive and authentic medieval memorabilia.  Our products of exceptional quality and are made by real craftsmen, using the original patterns and construction techniques that they would have used in the past. 

These replicas are celebrations of the past and will have the power to bring that past right into the purchasers own living room every time they are handled or viewed.